Elvira Martines

Concept art for Elvira Martines

Elvira Martines is the older sister to Maria Martines. Together, they stopped the destructive god-like entity known as Vernietigen during an event known as the Second Rupture.


Elvira has long black hair with a symmetrical princess cut with two front braids. She wears a hairpin with the Ahona emblem.

Elvira is garbed in combat attire used by modern day members of the Ahona tribe. She wears a black sleeveless jacket with a black undershirt as well as black sleeves that cover her hands. She wears long white pants and wears a long white scarf.

On her left arm is a tattoo of the Ahona tribe. It is tradition for all members of the Ahona to wear it a symbol as a mark for completing their rite of passage.

Elvira commonly wields an Ahona staff which she uses to concentrate her magic.


Elvira often comes across as cold and dismissive. She displays an undying loyalty to her father Xavier not only as a parent, but also a mentor. She is very intellectually gifted but often forgets the perspectives of the everyman.

Despite this, Elvira can get flustered and taken off guard when encountering humorous or silly antics – often caused by her sister. Although Elvira comes across as outwardly hostile, she deeply cares for her sister and wants to see her do well.


Elvira is an exceptionally powerful dreamwalker. She inherited both the traits of the Ahona and Yumekage lines as her sister and her mother did. However, Elvira was taken under the wing of her father to hone her abilities. She is precise, calculated and graceful with her use of magic. Her use of an Ahona staff allows her to better concentrate and focus her powers.

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