Bella Ore

Bella Ore is a young Ahona dreamwalker. She is a student of the Martines Academy of Supernatural Phenomena or MASP.

While on her own personal quest to discover her own abilities, she had a fateful encounter with Amie Garland, a girl who lost her memories under mysterious circumstances.


Bella has long black hair and brown eyes. She wears a black beanie, a short jacket and a black and white horizontally striped shirt with blue jeans and black boots. She also wears a large belt with a key chain attached.

Usually, she wears a lot of dark makeup, sometimes going very excessive with it.


Despite her dark, Gothic attire, Bella is very perky, energetic and upbeat. Though she is socially awkward, she cares very little for being judged by others and is very extroverted. While not particularly gifted academically, she displays street smarts and out-of-the-box thinking.

Bella has a habit of going into long tangents about unrelated topics and getting easily distracted. When she gets nervous or anxious about a situation, she will immediately keep rambling and say what’s on her mind no matter how strange. Often times, she forgets about the concept of personal space and will start poking others as she’s talking to them.

Bella also considers herself a chocoholic. She is easily tempted by the presence of chocolate, and she will often put aside all her priorities for the sake of chasing a delicious dessert.

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