Dream Scene

Dream Scenes, also known as the common dream, are illusionary dream worlds. However, they have a predictable pattern and play out a series of events being made of a similar material as memories. Unlike true memories, Dream Scenes are only loosely based on someone’s experiences and events and may make major deviations from what really happened. Sometimes, these Dream Scenes may not even depict actual, real world events at all and instead, an entirely fictional scenario.

Dream Scenes have often been compared to films or stories. For the most part, none of the objects seen in a Dream Scene are real. It was once thought that Dream Scenes disappear once a dreamwalker exits it. However, this is not always the case. While some Dream Scenes are lost upon exiting, others simply reset to the state they were before the dreamwalker entered it. They can be reentered and replayed as many subsequent times although it is not always guaranteed that they’ll be replayed in the same way previously.

Dream Scenes were the first dream worlds to be discovered by humans. They are the easiest type of dream world to access and are often used as training grounds by those who are still learning dreamwalking. They are also the easiest type of dream world to create as the objects within it do not have to follow the same laws of physics as other worlds. Dream Scenes – if repeated enough – will eventually become much more concrete, persistent dream worlds. It is in this method that larger scale dream worlds are created.

After the Dreamwalking Thesis was created, one of the first major applications for the discovery of how Dream Scenes worked was virtual reality and filmmaking. This technology would eventually become more codified by the late 2010s and the early 2020s.

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