Seedling: Dawn of Children: Chapter 13

Finally refreshed, both of them hurried outside the tower, back into the freezing cold. But the moping got back to him again. Bruno was not nearly as excited as before. He walked much slower than usual. Disappointed. Though they now knew where the spell originated, it was a huge blow to his morale that the mages couldn’t help. Not to mention, his sister.

“We need to go a different way than the one we used to get here.” Bruno looked about, searching his way for a cross country path. Then, he looked behind him. Eveline was not behind him. “Eveline? Where’d you go? Eveline?”

Bruno spotted her footprint trail. It just disappeared. Did a monster secretly get her? He drew his sword and turned about. He called out her name a few more times, until he felt a solid, freezing blunt object slam against him. The kidnapper? No. When he turned around, he found the object that hit him was only a snowball.

“Hey, that’s not funny!” Eveline giggled, peeking her head out from behind a boulder. Shortly after, she flung another snowball at him, but this time he dodged it.

Whatever Bruno was thinking about before, his mind went straight to making snowballs. He dashed away, taking cover behind a boulder just across from her. He crouched down and created a few snowballs. He aimed, then tossed them one by one.

When he couldn’t land a hit, he broke cover and dashed straight towards Eveline and she did the same. Bruno tossed a snowball landing squarely in Eveline’s shoulder.

“Ha! Got you!”

After a few more snowballs, both of them dropped to the ground making snow angels. Then, they just lay there in the snow catching their breaths.

“That was the most fun I’ve had in a long time!” Eveline said.

“Yeah…” Bruno said. After getting back up, he brushed the snow off of himself and reached with his hand to help Eveline up. “We should get moving now. My sister is still out there.”

“Bruno, cheer up! We needed that. The snowball fight.”

“Why do you say that?”

“We’ve been pushing ourselves very hard lately. Every once in a while, we just need to have fun.”

“Overworking? Yeah…guess you’re right. It’s making me all moody.”

“Me, too. Micromanaging the world by repelling the darkness gets straining. I just wish there were more people like you to help. More friends to help.” The two of them exchanged gazes and smiled at one another. To see her having loosened up from so much stress was a pleasant surprise. And equally, Eveline saw him loosening, too. Maybe it wasn’t just Bruno as a bodyguard protecting Eveline. Maybe they were protecting each other.

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