Below are some commonly asked questions:



How do you make games?

I use Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer and its Flash Export Module.  I’ve been using Multimedia Fusion since 2005, and it has become my go-to choice for game creation.  As I’m moving on to larger games, I’ve begun to use Unreal Engine.

What is the process of creating a game?

While the smaller scale games such as Porpoise Frenzy or Eraser can be made in less than a week (and even less than a day), the larger games take weeks and even months of planning with weeks/months more of actual development.  The most difficult part of creating a game is making the initial character movements and the HUD, but beyond that, it’s basically copying, pasting and editing objects.

For more information on Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer, you can visit the direct link to the export module here: http://www.clickteam.com/website/world/swf-export-module.

How do you make the music?

I use both ACID Music Studio 8.0 and FL Studio 10 in creating music.  I first create the MIDI file in ACID Music Studio, then I use FL Studio to add other things such as different soundfonts and recorded samples.  MuseScore is also a good alternative if you prefer to work with sheet music, but I personally don’t use it.

Because I’m more audio-oriented, I actually create the music before making the levels.  I create several music tracks, pick and choose the best ones, and then I recycle the unused ones for future projects.  Then, I make the levels designed around the music track.  Of course, to balance out load times, I’m limited on how long a music track is a well as how many are in the game.  The music tracks themselves tend to be much larger than the game itself.

Where did you get the sound effects?

The majority of the sound effects were found by searching the Internet in public domain databases. Others were found on the second disk that came with MMF2.  Usually, I play it safe with stock sound effects to avoid licensing issues and whatnot, but I’m some occasions, I go out of my way to record my own with a good old microphone.  Other times, I synthesize something using one of my music making software or for something 8-bit, I’ll use Famitracker.

How do you draw the graphics?

Most of the time, I just draw the graphics directly into MMF2, but I use GIMP 2 as a supplement.  Generally, I prefer the cel-shaded animesque style mainly because it’s easiest to draw for a 2D game.  Exaggerated body proportions and bright, flashy colors are good at making a character stand out.  If I want to go super fancy like Droplet 09’s colored pencil backgrounds or Seedling’s high detail character artwork, I tend to turn to others for assistance.

Elementals was a particular exception to this. While it does retain a cartoonish style, the characters are created with pre-rendered 3D graphics. More games may feature this style in the future.


How did you learn how to make games?

Back in 2005, iD Tech Camps jumpstarted me by giving me the tools I need to get going.  From there, I messed around with the software until I reached the skill level I am today.  I’ve even volunteered to teach how to use Multimedia Fusion 2.0 to students.

As for Unreal Engine, I’m learning it entirely on my own through constant combing of YouTube tutorials and the Q&A.  Even so, much of it I’ve largely figured out on my own using my the knowledge of game design from years of Multimedia Fusion.

How did you learn how to compose music?

I played the trumpet in middle and high school, and I also had a keyboard in my parents’ living room.  That’s how I learned what music was, but as for actually composing music?  That’s all self-taught as I never took any classes on music theory or composition.  I just used ACID Music Studio to place notes and toy around with different options until I get the tunes I want.  Since I don’t have access to an epic orchestra or a studio to create decent-sounding ambiance, my musical style relies on creating catchy melodies to make them memorable.  And as for how to do that?  I just listen to a lot of my favorite video game music and attempt to mimic the style.

Do you know other programming languages?

I have amateur level knowledge of Java.  I can read and edit fairly simple programs consisting of no more than a few classes, but that’s about it.  I’ve also toyed with VisualBasic a long time ago.  Really though, gameplay and level design are more of my forte.



Why can’t I post trackbacks on the news posts?

This feature was abused by spammers, and thus, has been disabled indefinitely.  All comments and discussion should now be done in either the forums or with the live chat system.

How often does content get released?

It all depends on my schedule as I only work on this site in my spare time. Every few months, I try to either release a new game or make an update to an existing one.  As for soundtrack, I’ll only put them up if there’s enough demand for them.


The flash game I’m playing will not load/is taking a very long time to load. How can I fix this?

Occasionally, the game may get stuck on the loading screen the first time you are starting up the game on your computer. While the exact cause is unknown, it can be fixed by refreshing and clearing the cache. Once the game loads once, it will load significantly faster the next time it starts up.

Why can’t I save my progress?

Cookies must be enabled for the game to save progress.

There was an update to one of the games but my browser is loading the old version instead.

Clearing your cache should solve this problem.



In regards to all of your old games, why are you converting them to Flash when you can just release the .exe directly?

I’ve found that most people prefer to play the games directly off the site rather than having to download them.  Not to mention, the original .exes are very glitchy, and I much rather take the time to fix and improve them.

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