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Chapter 15: Seedling Dawn of Children


  Chapter 15 of Seedling: Dawn of Children is here! Status update: So far, the story is just over 11,000 words, while an additional 20,000+ words of other material remains to be published.  I estimate the story could very well reach the 40,000 mark when it’s finished.  For now, I’ll take a break to give […]


Chapter 13 of Seeding: Dawn of Children


  It’s available here! Status Update I’ve recently founded a collaborative writing project known as Omniverse Nexus which involves multiple authors.  Be sure to check it out!  Though I am working on other stories for that site, I’m still intending to continue weekly chapter uploads every Tuesday for Seedling: Dawn of Children..


Chapter 11 Seedling: Dawn of Children released!


  Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Chapter 11 of Seedling Dawn of Children is now available here to read! Story Status Update: Counting the unpublished chapters, the story is currently 29,000 words long. I’m currently in the process of revision and proofreading of some of the later chapters to improve pacing and character development which in […]


Seedling: Dawn of Children: Chapters 6 – 8


  Three new chapters to Seedling: Dawn of Children have been posted.  If you’ve read the first five chapters already, you can continue off from right here, or if you need to catch up, start from the beginning here.  For those unfamiliar, Seedling: Dawn of Children is a new serial novel based on the action-adventure […]


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