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What’s next for this site?


  I’m planning by the start of 2020 to do a complete overhaul of the site. I’m going to be abandoning WordPress and shifting over to MediaWiki like the sister site Omniverse Nexus. This will be a significant undertaking as both sites will need to upgraded simultaneously due to both sharing the same server. However, […]


Status of the Site


  So it’s been a while since this site has last been updated. Fret not. I’ve still been hard at work. I’m active on this Discord channel in case you didn’t know:¬† Oh yeah and I’m making a third Droplet game called Droplet: States of Matter. Check it out on the Unreal Engine forums:¬† It’s […]


Status so far


  The whole website just underwent a major update. I just shifted over database hosting. Project:Light World has been renamed Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent. has been closed since I didn’t find it necessary. Future updates about the game will be posted either here or at I expect Dreamwalkers to have a public demo available […]


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