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Seedling minor patch update 3.0.1


  A small patch to just to fix a few issues here and there.  Bigger updates to come later. Save feature was overhauled.  More variables, including dungeon progress, are now saved.  Because of this, the game will cut to a saving/loading screen for a short time (less than a second) to process the data. Graphical […]


Droplet out of beta!


  The final version of Droplet is now live.  Below are among the new features: Content Three new levels Boss stages Cutscenes Improvements to music Miscellaneous graphical improvements Ability to have three different save files Technical Game is coded more efficiently, cutting down memory size by more than 7 MB.  The game should load much […]


New game released: Seedling


  A new playable flash game has been released. It is currently in the alpha stage – out on the Web mainly to gather feedback regarding gameplay, controls and to find bugs. Seedling was originally created in 2010, though it was never finished. The 2013 version is based on old storyboards and concept art, and […]


Droplet: Update 1.0.2

Bug Fixes -Fixed a bug where you can swim in air by exiting from the title screen while underwater. -Fixed another wall in Haunted Bastion with missing collision. (Yet again, not that other one.) -Fixed a graphical glitch where a Garro may appear in the firing animation when sunk in lava. -Fixed a bug that […]


Droplet – Update 1.0.1

A new version of Droplet has been released.  Below are a list of changes: Bug fixes: -Fixed a bug that disallowed water form from jumping while standing at the edge of water pools. -The Buzzes no longer jitter when close to the edge of the screen. -Fixed issue where grappling animation doesn’t play when latching […]


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