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What’s next for this site?


  I’m planning by the start of 2020 to do a complete overhaul of the site. I’m going to be abandoning WordPress and shifting over to MediaWiki like the sister site Omniverse Nexus. This will be a significant undertaking as both sites will need to upgraded simultaneously due to both sharing the same server. However, […]


Status of the Site


  So it’s been a while since this site has last been updated. Fret not. I’ve still been hard at work. I’m active on this Discord channel in case you didn’t know: Oh yeah and I’m making a third Droplet game called Droplet: States of Matter. Check it out on the Unreal Engine forums: It’s […]


Dreamwalkers Version A1.2 Released!


  VERSION A1.2 – 31 Oct 2017 GAMEPLAY -New area called the Ahonna Desert which has an explorable town and dungeon. Story has yet to be implemented. Area also features an optional boss called the Terra Tortoise (which you will probably die against). -Numerous new items available. -Some areas now have parkour. Simply approach a […]


Update A1.1 – New version of Dreamwalkers available


  UPDATE VERSION A1.1 – Aug 24 2017 This update provides a lot of miscellaneous fixes and quality of life improvements in response to the initial feedback of the original release. GRAPHICS -New title screen visuals. -Skills in cooldown will show partial black shading of its respective menu icon while skills that cannot be used […]


Conversion to HTML5


  So browsers have been updated so that flash doesn’t work so great anymore. This calls for a migration over to HTML5. This process will take some time, but it will be implemented soon enough.


Status so far


  The whole website just underwent a major update. I just shifted over database hosting. Project:Light World has been renamed Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent. has been closed since I didn’t find it necessary. Future updates about the game will be posted either here or at I expect Dreamwalkers to have a public demo available […]


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