Welcome to Krayfish Entertainment!  On this site, you’ll find flash games to play, stories to read and music to listen to.

About me

My name is Karl “Krayfishkarl” Ast.  On my freetime, I like to design video games, compose music and write short stories.  I’ve made games with software like Multimedia Fusion since July of 2005.  In my early days, I made quick, one-shot games that took less than a few minutes to complete, but as I honed my skills, I looked to creating even bigger, more complex games with the general of goal of making every game introduce something new I hadn’t done the last time.

On January 5, 2013, I founded this site as a place where I could put all of my original creations and work.  So far, I’ve got nearly a decade’s worth of games and other content lying around on my computer that I wish to share with the world.  Of course, some of my stuff has aged better than others, but now that I have this site, my goal is to restore my older projects as well as deliver new ones on a regular basis.  I’m also looking to expand my horizons onto other mediums since Multimedia Fusion can only do so much.  Presently, I’m studying programming languages like Java on my own as well as learning more professional software like Unreal Engine.

I mainly update this site on my spare time.  For now, it’s a fun little project that I have going on.

Other works

While Krayfish Entertainment is primarily for all of my personal works, I’m also the founder of the site Omniverse Nexus, a large-scale writing project with multiple authors.  Go check it out!

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